How to Fix QuickBooks Error 248

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 248

The QuickBooks Help is renowned for providing essential management of finance and accounts. The software comes under multiple versions to suit the diverse needs of the client efficiently. The popular version of the accounting software includes QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Payroll, etc.

These versions of the accounting software are successful in covering the diverse aspects of finances. However, the accounting software often suffers from a list of multiple error codes when a user is working on it or trying to update the software. Some of the error codes need QuickBooks Help team guidance for the solution. The QuickBooks error code 248 generally occurs when a user tries to access a damaged file, or an incorrect amount of payroll service has been credited to an employee of the business organization. Fortunately, the error code 248 can be resolved with the implementation of a few quick and easy steps.

The users can also connect with the skilled team of QuickBooks online customer service for an effective solution to the error code. Dialing the QuickBooks helpline number will instantly connect the user with the team of customer care. Read this blog to learn the different solutions to the error code 248.

Causes of QuickBooks error code 248

It is necessary to understand the correct cause for the occurrence of error code 248 to implement an appropriate solution. There are basically two causes of the error code 248 and each of them requires a specific solution. The two causes are as follows:

  1. Trying to back up a damaged company file on the device.
  2. Incorrect payment done to an employee of the business organization.

Solution for the 1st Cause of error code 248

Step-1: Open the accounting software ‘QuickBooks’ on the device. 

Step-2: Navigate to the tab of ‘Files’.

Step-3: Choose the section of ‘Utilities’.

Step-4: Find the option of ‘Rebuild Data’.

Step-5: Click on this option to select it.

Step-6: Now instructions will appear on the screen of the device. 

Step-7: Follow each instruction after careful reading.

Step-8: Ensure to accept any changes and enter the necessary information for the completion of the process.

Step-9: Now wait for the software to recover the file.

Step-10: Click Ok once the file gets recovered.

Step-11: Close the accounting software.

After performing the last step, the user should reopen the accounting software and try to open the file. If the error code is still displayed on the screen, then the user may connect with the QuickBooks online customer service team for a solution.

Solution for the 2nd Cause of error code 248

Step-1: Open the accounting software ‘QuickBooks’

Step-2: Navigate to the section of ‘List’.

Step-3: A pop-up menu will be available on the screen.

Step-4: Find and select the option of ‘Payroll List’.

Step-5: Now choose ‘New item’.

Step-6: Select the option of ‘Custom Setup’.

Step-7: Add name. 

Step-8: Choose an account.

Step-9: Keep hitting next. 

Step-10: Fill the overpaid Amount. 

Step-11: Choose Finish.

Dial the QuickBooks helpline number if the error code 248 does not get resolved from the accounting software. The team of customer service is available for round the clock hours.

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